Personal Programs

Rick’s specialty is in helping clients maximize after-tax retirement income by:

  • Using registered and non-registered funds,

  • Incorporating government tax credits,

  • Integrating government income sources such as CPP, OAS, and GIS.

The plan will address taxation, risk management and estate planning.

Corporate Programs

Rick Lam Financial enjoys a special relationship with IDC Worldsource Insurance Services Inc. for the management of our Group Insurance business. 

Our goal is to ensure you have an employee benefits program that fits your employee demographic. In addition to our basic service as a group insurance brokerage, we provide significant added value in the approach we take to group life and health benefits planning.

Our Enhanced Corporate Benefits Review goes beyond the obvious price comparison. We structure programs that offer great value and best serve your business goals, while providing a strong foundation for your employees' personal Quality of Life programs. We also offer custom executive benefits plans.

Learn more about these programs by contacting us directly!